The Tree Bumble Bees – Bombus Hypnorum

The Tree Bumble Bees – Bombus Hypnorum

A video mini-documentary about Bombus Hypnorum, the Tree Bumble Bee. Learn about a gorgeous and relatively new Bumble bees Species in the UK. Tree Bumble Bees, originally from continental Europe, have reached Scotland.

Introduction to the Tree Bumble Bees – Bombus Hypnorum.

A Tree Bumble Bee Queen (Bombus Hypnorum) quietly moved into a nest box outside Reddishpink media studio in the garden. We think, sometime in April or May 2021.

We didn’t know anything about this new species of Bumble Bees until our MD, Mark Ellison, noticed that the fur we’d put in their (intended as a Blu Tit nest) started peaking out of the entry and poked it back in.

When a load of these wee Tree Bumble Bees came rushing out, imagine his surprise. The surprise quickly turned to curiosity, and research began online.

The Ginger Arrows. 

Watch our mini-documentary about Tree Bumble Bees (Bombus Hypnorum).

Tree Bumbles Bees are relatively new to the UK..

It turns out that these little Tree Bumble Bees haven’t been here for that long. First discovered in 2001 in Wiltshire, England, scientists think they must have got here either on a strong wind across the channel, in a plant imported here, or possibly via Eurostar.

Slowly they have moved north to Scotland, and sightings are becoming more common with reports and comment from people encountering these little Bees nesting in Bird Boxes, Eves and attics across the UK.


We should also say

While the Tree Bumble Bees were very patient with us when we got very close, we would NOT recommend trying this yourselves. If you are lucky enough for a colony to move in, enjoy it but do take care and remember these are wild critters.

Tree Bumble Bees are excellent pollinators.

The Tree Bees (Bombus hypnorum) are excellent pollinators and live in harmony with our native Bee Species, many of which are in decline, so they’re very welcome.

Tree Bumble Bees - Bombus Hypnorum - flying outside their nest

Tree Bumble Bees don’t want to hurt you.

During their time here outside the Reddishpink media studio, the Tree Bumble Bees have been extremely well behaved. They were not interested in what we’re doing and minded their own business, working all day tirelessly into the early evening. When we visited through the night (around 3 am), we noticed that a few Bees would hang out just outside the nest keeping guard, in the pitch black of night..

The Tree Bumble Swarm or Dance.

We did get a little nervous when we first witnessed the swarm, but again, they just did their own thing and didn’t seem too bothered by our activities. The swarm is made of horny little males (that cannot sting) waiting for the Queens to emerge from the nest so they can mate. And not many do. They seem to fly in little formations, so we nicknamed them the Ginger Arrows.

The Making of The Ginger Arrows

Tree Bumble Bees movie.

We do a lot of video production for our clients at Reddishpink Media. Here was an opportunity to make something for ourselves, so we decided we should make a film and share the story of these little Bees with you.

The Tree Bees were filmed over approx forty days and brought several challenges. 

How could we get close to the Bees with our macro lenses and lighting to create strong footage? How would we film the mating process? How could we do this without alarming our little furry friends?

In the end, it all came down to a careful approach and a lot of patience and perseverance.

Our admiration for nature documentary filmmakers like David Attenborough and Gordon Buchanan grew as each day of waiting passed. 

As it turns out, the Bees were very easy-going with us. Each approach was made slowly and with great care. They almost seemed to get used to our presence. On a couple of occasions, they landed on our arms and just had a wander around. We also helped a very tired Queen we found on the ground by giving her a little sugar water and shade from the sun. Witnessing her recover and fly off again was truly wonderful.

The males were only interested in waiting for Queens, and the female workers focused on collecting pollen to feed the nest and, when necessary, protecting it from intruders.

The only thing that seemed to annoy them were vibrations from something touching the fence (where the nest box is attached). When this happened, quite a few came out and swarmed – a warning to anyone thinking of moving in.

Patience is the key. We witnessed many Queens leaving the nest during the forty days we were filming and watching.

Sometimes the Queen and her chosen male would come together mid-air and fall like stones to the ground together before mating. We also witnessed Queens flying off with a male on her back to somewhere more ‘private’ but sadly didn’t catch this on film.

The purpose of our little Tree Bee documentary is to share the news of these little creatures and encourage people not to fear them. Rather, we hope our fellow humans will welcome their presence and help them whenever possible. 

To create the footage, we used a range of equipment, including Sony A7siii and Leica SL2 cameras and a range of lenses from zooms to Macro. When possible, we lit the Tree Bees using Relio lights with miniature modifiers.

This article and the Tree Bumble Bee video documentary were created by Mark Ellison, Managing Director of Reddishpink Media.

Links to this article are strongly encouraged, and this article may be republished without further permission on the strict basis that credit is given to the author and a backlink is created to this page.

If this article is to be used in any other manner, written permission from the author is required.


If you’d like to find out more about Tree Bumble Bees, visit Wikipedia for a wide range of further information and links.

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Offering a healthy range of digital marketing services

Offering a healthy range of digital marketing services

Welltree specialise in health. Whether it is face and beauty to healthy living, they are the experts. And they wanted their marketing to reflect their high standards of care. So we went to work delivering a full service of digital marketing; a small business website, business cards, brochure, logo and branding as well as corporate photography. 

Our entire team came together to deliver high quality digital marketing products for Welltree in time for their launch into the health and beauty marketplace in Livingston and Edinburgh, Scotland. 

If you’d like to find out more about our full service marketing, visit full service marketing Scotland Project case studies

Reddishpink is a marketing agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Find out more at Reddishpink Media: Marketing communications Edinburgh & West Lothian

Powering a virtual planning consultation for a hydrogen plant

Powering a virtual planning consultation for a hydrogen plant

Reddishpink has a web design solution for planning boards who want to hold public consultations while following Covid guidelines and regulations. We take all the consultation boards, FAQs and public feedback platforms and go virtual. This virtual planning consultation online portal is taking off across several sectors in Scotland and has been coming back with great reviews, positive feedback and continued interest.

Our latest, a hydrogen power facility in Fife was one of our most ambitious in turn around time and delivered service, a live portal chat training session and within days a group of consultation members handling live messages from the public voicing concerns and asking questions.

This will surely be a continued approach in 2021 with Covid having us restricted still to virtual planning boards from the safety of our home office. 


If you’d like to find out more about our virtual planning services, visit our virtual planning consultations page.

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Video marketing for West Lothian based Veterinary Specialists Scotland (VSS)

Video marketing for West Lothian based Veterinary Specialists Scotland (VSS)

Things that make your heart happy

A new veterinary specialist hospital has launched in Livingston, West Lothian and reddishpink media was over-the-moon to be chosen to help with video marketing for Veterinary Specialist Scotland.

We love all of our projects here at reddishpink but now and then one comes along that blows our socks off – for lots of different reasons.

Reddishpink was delighted to be appointed by the newly opened Veterinary Specialists Scotland hospital, located just off the M8 motorway at Deer Park in Livingston, Scotland. Our job is to produce some movies that will showcase the hospital and its facilities, and portray their core value of “Excellence in care’.

We’ve spent two full days filming and interviewing so far.

Animal treatment works very much like our own health care system. Initially, you visit your GP for an examination.  If the examination or medical requirement is outside their scope, they will refer you to a specialist in the area of concern – a heart surgeon or a neurologist, for example – normally based in a hospital.

VSS works in the same way: to see them, you will need to be referred by your first opinion vet.  However, if you would like your pet to be seen by a VSS specialist, you can make a specific referral request.

Veterinary marketing needs a different approach.

From a creative point of view, we were massively excited by the challenge of working with a client that, while commercially motivated to generate income to pay the bills, is more about care than cash. The proposition is unique. At all times, we’ve considered the compassionate and sensitive nature of this ‘business’. Our animals are part of our family, so when it comes to choosing a veterinary referral hospital, it’s nothing to do with price and the coolness of the brand. It can be a life or death situation that involves deep emotion and, sometimes making tough decisions so it’s important to find the right team.

We got to wear the ‘Scrubs’.

Our film team on this project, Mark and Fionna, were very excited to be told they’d be doing their next interview in theatre with Specialist surgeon Sam and Senior Veterinary Nurse, Victoria. Being invited into such a critical environment was flattering and very exciting. Our behind the scenes view of an environment where animals lives are saved was a privilege, and genuinely fascinating.

We should also say

The scrubs are super comfortable and made us feel very ‘Cool’ like the Fonz. We might get some to wear around the Reddishpink office on quiet days!

State of the art facilities. 

The facilities and equipment are superb with the latest technologies. Technologies that can shorten the time needed to reach an accurate diagnosis and get patients into care more quickly, further increasing the chances of a positive outcome. VSS has the latest in, CatScan, Endoscopy and Ultrasound technology, and more besides.

Attention to detail.

VSS seem to have thought of everything and from every point of view. State-of-the-art equipment minimises time in diagnosis and maximises the chance of a positive outcome.

Comfortable and well-thought-out patient care facilities (we’d be happy to sleep in any of the animal wards) make your beloved pets stay as stress-free and as comfortable as possible. 

There are unique features for different pet personalities/preferences/needs such as doors with differing levels of privacy glass – from fully opaque for our shy pets, to fully transparent for the ones that like to see around them.

A dedicated Cat lounge means no potentially stressful dog scents are present.

Everything has been designed from the patients point of view and with great care and attention to the little details that make the big differences.

The perfect location.

Reddishpink’s ‘Security team’ is made up of two gorgeous Border Terriers called Teeny (13) and Echo (9). They are part of the family at reddishpink and loved by our team and clients alike. We even have a pet bereavement policy for Dog and Cat owners in our team, because we know the pain of such a loss.

Veterinary Specialists Scotland referral  hospital is in Livingston, right off the M8 in the centre of Scotland’s most populated areas. To have these facilities on our doorstep is a source of massive comfort in that, should something happen, we are only ten minutes away from what we are convinced is one of the finest animal hospitals available. 

But best of all.

All of this above is merely wonderful, but without people, nothing can happen. The biggest highlight for us is their team of Clinical Directors, Veterinary Specialists, Nurses and support staff. Each one of them, from the Reception team to Clinical Director, are bursting with care and a passion for caring for animals as if they were their own. VSS’s core value, “excellence in care’ is abundantly apparent in its application to Patients, Pet owners, first opinion vets and their team.

If you’re a first opinion vet and need some Specialist help for your patients, discover more about VSS, we think you’ll be delighted too. As passionate animal lovers, we have no hesitation in recommending this excellent new Animal Hospital and its fantastic team.

If you’d like to find out more about Tree Bumble Bees, visit Wikipedia for a wide range of further information and links.

Reddishpink is a marketing and video production agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Find out more at Reddishpink Media: Marketing communications Edinburgh & West Lothian

Turning around a planning portal for a major whiskey distillery

Turning around a planning portal for a major whiskey distillery

Glen Turner is looking to expand its distillery near Bathgate to extend their warehousing capacity. The planning board came up with our names and we quickly went to work with launching a planning portal that offered all the features the client wanted; nice looking, visually appealing, easy to use and informative. We delivered in less than 10 days.

Still to launch the live chat tools at the time of this post, the site is gathering a lot of attention and will certainly offer a complete solution to Glen Turners request for customer feedback.  

Want to learn ore about our virtual planning consultations? See our virtual planning service page for more detailed information and examples of how we can make this work for your planning board.