A marketing project for West Lothian based Energywise Scotland.

Environmentally friendly products that pay for themselves.

A full-service marketing project involving video production, website development, brand refinement and digital marketing.

Project scope.

Take our marketing to a higher level.

Brand development
Website design and development
Digital marketing
Video production
Social media marketing

High quality marketing media.

Building brand presence.

Successful Energywise Scotland wanted to build its brand presence in the central belt of Scotland and clarify its proposition to a range of target markets. Reddishpink evolved the brand personality and created a range of media that would make the proposition clear.

Website design and development.

Fully responsive with rich media content.

Energywise Scotlands website was completely redesigned from the ground up. A new design and layout more clearly portrays the range of products and services and offer a range of video explainers to clarify how their products pay for themselves through time. The new website is fully responsive on all devices and has generated additional traffic and enquiries.

For print.

Direct marketing to create enquiries.

Reddishpink created a simple and clear flyer for door-drops and to build the brand further and generate enquiries though the most traditional of methods.


A Scottish road trip.

Part of our brand development process, reddishpink’s photographer travelled Scotland taking high-quality photography and video of their work which would later be used across all of the media produced on their behalf.

Video production.

Explaner videos clarify the message.

The biggest challenge was clearly explaining how and why Energywise Scotlands range of products pay for themselves in time through energy savings. We created a range of explainer videos based on different property and cost scenarios to make it crystal clear.

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