Full-service marketing for West Lothian based Sibcas modular buildings.

Empowering growth across the UK.

A comprehensive marketing project involving a start from scratch approach. Reddishpink started with strategy and then went on to develop a range of media in print and digital formats.

Project scope.

From the ground up.

Marketing strategy and consultancy
Video production
Digital marketing media production
Search engine optimisation
Website design and development
Brochure design and print
Professional photography
Social media marketing

Multi-media marketing through a wide range of channels.

Timing is everything.

Reddishpink worked with Sibcas to agree a strategy and activity plan focused towards meeting specific goals and measurement criteria. Research and planning complete, reddishpink created all of the content they would need to make their proposition crystal clear, impress their varied target audiences and drive up inbound opportunities.

Website design and development.

Engaging. Interactive. Effective.

The Sibcas website was no small undertaking. The website is fully responsive on a complete range of devices and includes a wide-range of functionality. Reddishpink produced everything you see inside and worked further to take Sibcas from zero to hero in terms of search engine optimisation and discoverability. Relevant traffic has increased by over 300%, the number of incoming enquiries has increased by more than 400% and we have achieved page 1 listings for all stated keyword targets.

Segmented brochures for specific markets.

A Salesman’s dream toolbox.

Sibcas sales team deal with a diverse range of enquiries so they needed impactful media relevant to specific markets to present to their potential clients. Reddishpink created a range of attractive market-specific brochures both in print and digital formats. To further help the cause, we also created an online marketing portal giving the sales team access to everything they might need – project case studies, example floor-plans, digital brochures, adverts and a wide range of project photography, all in one place easily accessible from anywhere.

Video production.

Making everything clear.

The process of installing a temporary modular building isn’t straightforward. Neither is removal. To help our target audience understanding the complexities involved, but also the efficiency of Sibcas services, we created a series of videos covering the big picture and specific parts of the process such as installation and removal. Our videos make the process clear for all to see. Reddishpink handled the whole video project from story-boarding through to filming and final editing and production. Sibcas are delighted with the results.

Professional photography.

Documentary. Product. Advertising.

A diverse product range that can be used for a multitude of purposes and a need for strong content for search engine optimisation and ongoing marketing purposes needed lots of professional photography. Our team were present at installations, finished projects producing photographs that tell the Sibcas story and make it clear to prospective clients that they’re dealing with professionals at every level. To date, we’ve taken in excess of 10,000 images, all of which have been indexed and added to an online photo library making them easy to find and use for a wide-range of purposes.

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