Graphic design and publishing services for The Larder Cook School, West Lothian.

Make our marketing more professional.

Reddishpink helped The Larder Cook School improve its brand image and produced a range of brochures to help them market this social enterprise.

Project scope.

Full service digital marketing.

Marketing consultancy
Graphic design
Brochure publishing
Video production
Commercial photography
Brand development

Brochure design and publishing.

Make our media look more professional.

The Larder Cook School uses a range of different brochure to market its services to different target audiences. From content supplied, reddshphink created a core brand look and then applied it to a range of brochures designed to show the Larder at its very best.

Commercial photography.

For marketing and social media

Part of making any brand stand out is to have original creative photography. Reddishpink carried out two photoshoots at The Larder to give them a range of photography that could be used in their brochure, website, leaflets and social media marketing campaigns.

Video production services

Bring the brand to life.

The Larder Cook School exists to give disadvantaged young people a chance and all of the profit made are dedicated to this purpose. What better way to tell the story than through a professionally created video. Reddishpink handled everything from initial storyboarding through to filming, editing, production and distribution.

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