Annual report design and publishing services for organisations in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland.

We design and publish gorgeous annual reports in print and digital formats.

If you’re looking for someone to help you create an engaging and inspiring annual report, now you’ve found us. Our team of publishers, designers, writers, photographers and digital producers have plenty of experience and can make your life easy. Through the years we’ve helped organisations large and small all across Scotland. By keeping up with annual report design trends our design service has made Reddishpink a leader in the annual report design agencies of Scotland.

Annual report design and publishing essentials.

Everything you need for the perfect annual report.

A great annual report is interesting, engaging, well designed and well-planned. Think about it, your annual report represents your organisation as its most fundamental level so its need to look, act and talk in a way that impresses. Successful annual reports contain variety of content that reassures your stakeholders and shows them what a great job the company is doing. Accomplishments made during the previous year at both a corporate and individual levels, interesting stories about achievements and new initiatives. Of course, the obligatory statistics on performance should be in there, but they should be presented in a way that’s easy on the eye, and clear and interesting to read. This involves a number of different skillsets, all available at reddishpink.

Planning and creativity.

Essential to success. We can help you plan your annual report and get creative to make sure it engages and inspires.

Copywriting and editing.

The right words, in the right tone. We can help you write all of the content for your annual report from scratch, or sub-edit and polish from text provided.

Graphic design.

Let’s make it look awesome. Our annual report graphic design services ensure its inviting to the eye, a must read.


A picture speaks a thousand words. We can produce professional imagery that really tells your story and show your organisation at its very best.

Print management.

We offer a full print and production management service – to make your life easy.

Digital publishing.

Prefer to go digital. we can create your annual report in a wide range of digital formats including ibook’s, websites and interactive pdf’s.

A full annual report design and publishing service for organisations in Scotland.

We make it easy.

Reddishpink provides a full annual report service. Hire us to do everything, or just the bits you need. Our publishing and design experts know what makes a great annual report, and what doesn’t. We’ll work with you to realise your vision and meet your goals, giving you the benefits of our experience and creativity every step of the way.

We can help you with planning and creativity, design and copyrighting, photography and production for annual reports in both print and/or digital formats. Start your journey to annual report success, get in touch for a chat.

Some examples of our annual report design work.

Everything we do is tailored to your vision and requirements.