Digital marketing services for ambitious businesses in Edinburgh, West Lothian and across Scotland.

Experts in the art and science of digital marketing.

A wide range of digital marketing services to ensure you succeed online, all of the time. Reddishpink creates and manages a wide range of local and national digital marketing campaigns for many of its clients across Edinburgh, West Lothian and central Scotland. We help them build an attractive digital presence and create new opportunities for greater customer engagement and business growth.

We take the hassle out of building a strong online presence by doing it for you.

Harness the power of digital marketing.

Digital marketing services that get results.

The digital revolution has opened a range of amazing opportunities for business and brands to reach a worldwide audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

Furthermore, it allows us to tailor marketing campaigns to be targeted down to (almost) an individual level. Real beauty comes from the fact that everything we do can be measured, allowing us to refine the strategy and creative approach to maximise return on investment value and realise tangible results.

Digital Marketing essentials.

Everything you need for digital success.

How we can help you reach your audience in a mind-boggling digital landscape.

Research, planning, strategy.

Website design and development.

Content creation.

Social Media marketing.

Digital advertising creation and management.

Email marketing.

Research, planning, strategy.

Digital marketing starts with the facts.

Prior to embarking on any digital marketing project, we work with you to establish where you are, and where you want to be. From there we’ll conduct research and gather facts on your business (products, services, target audiences etc) and analyse successful competitor activity.


We then use our experience and a range of online tools (Facebook, Google and other social media analytics) to identify the best ways to reach and engage your target audiences in ways that will maximise return on investment (ROI).

We use this information to create a strategy and plan of action based on your goals and budget criteria.

Website design and development.

Powerful responsive website design and development.

Every digital marketing campaign starts with your core media. reddishpink builds websites that are SEO friendly, beautifully designed and filled with awesome engaging content.

Whether you need a simple website to get your business off the ground and establish a positive brand reputation, a larger website that offers a range of functionality, an eCommerce solution or something completely customised to you, we can help.

Content creation for internet marketing.

For digital marketing campaigns.

Strong digital marketing needs well designed and structured content that’s filled with useful information and customer driven keywords. Ceating high quality, unique content that positively engages your audience and works hard to explain things in a way that’s easy to understand and absorb is our bread and butter.

Our experts can create high quality content for your website and adapt it to work across a range of media and marketing channels.

Digital advertising creation and management.

Online marketing and promotion.

The creative approach has a measurable impact on results. We find creative ways to grab your audiences attention and help you stand out from competitors by providing cleverly written copy and impactful designs that will catch the eye and drive people to your door.

We then create adverts in a range of sizes adaptable for a wide range of media channels and manage the campaign on your behalf. Everything is measured on a regular basis so that we can refine and adjusts campaigns and adopted social media channels to maximise response and results.

Creative services for digital marketing…

  • Advertising design and production.
  • Campaign creation and management.
  • Website design.
  • Campaign analytics and refinement.

Social media marketing.

Embrace the possibilities.

The power of social media should not be underestimated. Many of our clients gain ‘first’ contact through regular activity through social media channels. It’s a fabulous way to extend brand exposure interact with existing and potential customers and gain social media chatter through reviews, shares and personal recommendations.

reddishpink can help you maximise social media by working with you to a create a social media strategy and a annual activity calendar all cohesively linked with your SEO goals. From here, we use research work to out what type of content we need to create to most engage your audience and which channels we should use.

We then create the content required, adapt for different channels requirements, and manage the campaign on your behalf, for as long as you need us.

Of course, we communicate results with you at every stage and continually monitor results so we can make refinements and fine tune on a regular basis to maximise success.

Email marketing.

GDPR compliant outgoing campaigns.

Email newsletters and promotional emailers are a great way to build loyalty with existing customers or engage with new ones. We offer a full-service approach for email campaigns and can handle everything from writing and design through to distribution and measurement of each campaign through a GDPR compliant engine such as Mailchimp or Constant contact.

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