Search engine optimisation services for companies in Edinburgh, West Lothian and Scotland.

Be discovered. Thrive and grow online.

Reddishpink search engine optimisation services will make your business more discoverable online and build your brand in the digital world. By designing and developing your website in a way that’s search engine friendly, filling it with high quality, audience-focused content, and by working hard to build your wider online reputation, we can help you climb the rankings and get the attention you deserve. We have the results to prove it.

Search engine optimisation services.

How we can help you achieve better SEO results.

Research, planning, strategy.

SEO friendly website design
and development.

Digital marketing services.

Unqiue credible content.

Building a strong online

Measurement and refinement.

Search engine optimisation that drives opportunity and growth.

How we can help you increase your search ranking.

People don’t browse the internet – they use it for specific reasons – to find information, to buy products, to use and download tools, to make choices, and to communicate with the world. The job of the search engine is to deliver the most helpful solution or a credible answer to a user’s questions.  We help search engines by building fast websites they can understand and which contain content that enables search engines and your audience to find your services and products.

SEO planning and strategy.

A voyage of discovery that give us the facts we need to succeed.

Having a detailed understanding of your business, where it is now and where it wants to be, and your target audience is always at the heart of our considerations. The first thing we do is work hard to find the information we need to make an accurate assessment of the activity required – from both internal and external perspectives. SEO generally works best when considered before a website is built, but we can retrofit if required.

Using a range of SEO tools and ethical techniques, we work out what we need to do to give you the best chance of success, based on your goals.

  • Target audience definition.
  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Structure and site-mapping.
  • Content requirements.
  • Meta data, image and alt tags.
  • Technical analysis.

This allows us to define a clear scope of work and create a strategy and plan of action that will deliver increased SEO results and rankings, based on your budget and your long-term goals.

SEO isn’t just about what on the inside.

These days, search engine optimisation is about way more than just your website, it’s about a wide range of elements and how they work together that makes the difference.

In-site SEO factors.

  • Design, structure and navigation.
  • Page level keywords and content features.
  • Page level diagnostics – content quality, uniqueness, length and readability.
  • Page level link features and quality.
  • User experience, page load speed and mobile friendliness.
  • Trust and security – SSL certificates.

Off-site SEO factors.

  • Domain authority.
  • Brand credibility.
  • External link structures and quality.
  • Social media metrics.
  • Brand popularity and mentions online.
  • Site usage and popularity.
  • Consistency of online citations.

SEO starts on the inside…and works its way out.

We build websites that search engines love.

Search engine friendly website design and development.

The way your website is built and its technical properties are crucial to successful SEO and a large part of how search engines rate your site. Search engines like Google put user experience at the heart of their ranking criteria and they want to see a clear structure, internal and external linking, well-defined tags, fast load speeds and mobile specific site versions and, preferably, a secure encrypted connection through SSL. The customers’ needs always come first, not yours.

We ensure that the technical aspects of your website are tickety-boo, and the site has clear structure and navigation, fast loading pages, a dedicated mobile version, and content that’s fit for a King.

We design and develop websites that are SEO optimised at every level.

  • SEO optimised website design and development.
  • Clear structure and navigation.
  • Page level link features.
  • Page level agnostic features
  • AMP (accelerated mobile pages).
  • Gorgeous design.
  • Meta and alt tagging.
  • Image and content optimisation.
  • SSL certificate installation and management.

And last but definitely not least – engaging content…

We create engaging content.

Search engine optimised content marketing and creation.

Search engines want high-quality content that addresses the needs of their users. When choosing which websites to display at the top of the page, they’re trying to work out “Which websites will provide the most helpful answer to my user’s search question or criteria”.

Using the research we completed at the start we create engaging, audience relevant, content for your website that meets the criteria of search engines and helps you attract the right web traffic for your business. This creates a positive online brand presence, driving opportunities to your door.

It’s about quality, quantity and positioning. We know how to create content that is entertaining and engaging – tailored specifically to your target audiences and your business.

Intelligent SEO that drives opportunity.

We help you build a strong online brand presence.

Your chances of high rankings aren’t just about what goes inside your website, search engines also make their judgements based on what’s going on outside your website too.

A website that’s connected and linked to other credible sources, has plenty of social media chatter,  strong online reviews and a regularly updated blog will achieve higher rankings because its deemed to be an authority on the search criteria. Regular updates will also keep search engines coming back and strong textual content of the right length will increase credibility and rankings.

To ensure a strong online reputation and build your www presence, reddishpink can help your business by creating and managing digital, social media and content marketing campaigns. Based on an agreed activity timetable, we create engaging audience led content, adapting it for different media channels, and handling distribution and measurement of campaigns.

We build your domain authority and brand presence through…

  • Link-building/out reach.
  • Building an authoritative Blog.
  • Regular content and site updates.
  • Digital and Social media marketing.
  • Paid for online advertising campaigns.

SEO focused digital marketing services.

We help you manage digital marketing campaigns.

Digital and online marketing is a great way to build your brand proposition online and drive people to your website or door. Powerful tools within online marketing channels like Facebook and Google Adwords allow segmented and targeted campaigns based on audience interests, locations, and type allowing us to create highly targeted campaigns that will increase website traffic and drive up sales.

Reddishpink can help you create, manage, measure and refine digital and content marketing campaigns that will assist with SEO by creating positive noise across the internet and build your online reputation.

Online advertising design and creation.

Pay per click (PPC) and Pay per impression (PPI) campaign management.

Campaign research and strategy development

SEO analytics, measurement and evolution.

We regularly measure results and refine SEO campaigns
to maximise success . . .

In any area of marketing, measurement is important. By measuring everything we do, we discover what works best in terms of meeting your goals and KPI’s. Every month we provide reports on achievements with recommendations on how we may refine strategy, activity and creative approach to maximise results. Especially important if you’re using paid-for online campaigns that need to generate a clear return on investment.

How we measure success..

Ongoing word research and analysis.

Search engine analytics.

Reporting and analysis of advertising performance.

By measuring and learning from everything we do, we gain a more detailed understanding of your audience – how they search for services and products like yours, what switches them on, what makes them respond, and where they hang out – enabling highly focused SEO and digital marketing campaigns that minimise wastage and offer impact, customer engagement and increased business.