Website design and development services for businesses in West Lothian, Edinburgh and Scotland.

Website design and development that will help you stand out.

Reddishpink provides website design services to companies in West Lothian, Edinburgh and across Scotland. Our clients tell us our service is second to none and that our websites deliver tangible results. We can build a website from content you supply or we can do everything for you…writing, design, build, SEO and ongoing hosting and support. We make life easy and we know our stuff.

Whether it’s an online brochure, an online shop or a fully interactive website that does everything but the dishes, your web presence is open to admiration or criticism from anywhere on the planet. It needs to work hard for you and your business. Reddishpink design & build websites that look great, read clearly and are easy to use on all devices. Websites that look, act and talk in a way that gets you what you want.

Reddishpink website design and development services.

Everything you need for a perfect website.

We offer a full suite of website design and development services. Some of our clients hire us to take care of everything, some just for the bits they need. Whatever we do, we deliver our projects with enthusiasm and expertise, to very high standards.

Planning and strategy.

A cohesive plan, clear architecture, and storyboards ensure success and maximise what you get for your budget.

Search engine


Discoverability. We make your site discoverable to search engines and drive the right kind of traffic to your door.

Ongoing support services.

Keeping it fresh. We can help you keep your website content and framework up to date.

Content creation.

Engaging content. We create powerful words and imagery that bring your brand and products to life, like never before.

Website design & development.

Flexible design. High quality, original designs and show your brand, services and products in the best posisble light.

Managed website hosting.

Peace of mind. Take the hassle out of domain and website hosting and management.

Websites for a range of purposes.

Cutting edge technologies.

We make it look easy. Whether you need a straightforward presence on the internet, a website you can update easily in realtime, an eCommerce solution, or something completely unique, we can help.

Our team has been publishing websites since 1996. We use our experience to ensure that whatever we do for you is well planned, relevant to your needs and, well executed. We work with the latest reliable frameworks and technologies to create websites that offer original designs and powerful user experiences.


Website design and development.

Websites with purpose, and creativity.

People don’t browse the internet – they use it for specific reasons – to find information, to buy products, to use and download tools, to make choices, and to communicate with the world. reddishpink specialises in website design and build which complements your strategy. No misplaced gimmickry here, we specialise in good-looking, accessible, responsive websites that meet our clients’ goals and work seamlessly across a wide range of devices.

Responsive website design.

Our websites are designed to look great and be easy to use – on all devices. From smartphones to giant screens and everything in between. All of our websites are responsive but if you want something super-fast for mobile, we can also build AMP websites.

Websites for a range of purposes.

Anyone can play. Accessibility shouldn’t stifle creativity. We produce accessible designs that look great and work hard for those with visual impairments  – clear navigation and alt tagging for screen readers and audio players.

Website strategy and planning.

A clear plan.

Even if it’s a one page website we need to think it through. What’s the purpose? What content do we need to communicate the message? How do we measure its success? Before we embark on any website project, we always have a plan.

Website content creation and production.

Engaging content.

Every website needs great content, otherwise, you’re just looking at a blank page. We can help you develop content that engages and inspires – copy-writing, photography, video animation, infographics all tailored to your target audiences’ needs and brand style.

Search engine optimisation.


Google doesn’t give a hoot about your website. It’s interested in serving users with credible content that is most appropriate to their needs and requests. It sees your website through different eyes. We’ve been over the course many times and use proven best practices to increase your ranking through clever technical and creative work in the site itself, and by building your domain authority through smart strategic connections. We have the results to prove it.

Ongoing support services.

To keep things fresh.

If you want to keep your customers (and Google) coming back to your site on a regular basis, keeping it fresh is the perfect way. We can help you keep your content fresh, up to date, credible building your online profile and increasing your domains authority.

Managed website hosting and support.

Peace of mind.

In a world where people expect instant information or functionality, it’s important that your website is safe, secure, and online. Our managed website hosting and support services mean you can rest assured that your website is up to date, protected from hackers and that even in a worst case scenario, we can restore it to its full glory very quickly. Oh, and did we mention that you can speak to us without waiting in a queue for hours.