Managed website hosting and support by Edinburgh and West Lothian based reddishpink.

Reliable. Safe. Secure.

We’ve been successfully hosting and maintaining websites for companies across Edinburgh, West Lothian and Scotland for over sixteen years. We know our stuff and we make your life easy. If you want trouble-free web hosting, talk to us.

Safe and sound.

If you don’t know your SSL from your DNS, or your IP from your CDN we’re perfect for your needs.

Our managed web support and hosting services are for companies that just want to know that everything is being taken care of – that their website is up to date, secure, and loved as it should be. Your website is your online presence so it needs to be alive and kicking when someone visits.

No one can guarantee that technology won’t fail or that your website will never be hacked but our managed services take all of the necessary steps to minimise the risks. And, should something bad go wrong, we’re on hand to fix it, quickly and efficiently.

Managed web hosting services.

The host with the most…

Our managed hosting and support services mean you don’t have to worry about your site going down, SSL certificate renewals, software updates, hackers and all of the other challenges that come hand in hand with running a successful website. We simply take care of it all.

Dedicated hosting.

Our servers, our control, 24/7/365.

Website backups.

Regular backup’s so you’re safe and sound.

SSL certificates.

Building trust and respecting data.

Website updates.

Software updates and security.

Security and protection.

We keep the door locked. Tightly.

Disaster recovery.

When the poo hits the fan. We clean up.

Website hosting that offers super-fast performance.

Faster than a speeding bullet.

Reddishpink employs the latest in server technology to make sure you have the latest features, fast performance, and the space you need to flourish online. We use enterprise level technology at all times and upgrade our Servers every three years (at no extra charge to you). Feeling geeky, check out the specs below…

CPU Power

8 Core/16 thread CPU

Packed with Ram

30gb of RAM

SSD Speed

2TB SSD Drive


Unmetered Bandwith


Linux based hosting

At reddishpink, we limit the number of websites on our server to ensure fast performance, greater security and maximum efficiency.

Website updating services.

So you don’t end up with egg on your face.

Websites are much more complex these days. They need care and attention. Simply hitting the update button in your CMS can work, but it doesn’t always, so you could be left with a live site that’s full of bugs, looks wrong, and doesn’t function as it should, negatively affecting your image and reputation.

At reddishpink we do things properly. All updates are applied to a mirrored version of your website that lives on a development server. It’s only when we’re one hundred per cent sure that everything has gone smoothly that we apply the changes to your live website environment.

Software and plugin updates.

By keeping your software up to date, we give you the latest features available and minimise the chance of your website being hacked.

Website backup services.

Backup. Backup. Backup.

We take regular backups of your websites core files and database to ensure that, should something go wrong, it’s never lost and can be recovered quickly and efficiently.

Security and protection.

Our web servers are configured to minimise the chances of those pesky hackers getting in and doing something that could damage your site or reputation.

SSl certificate installation and management.

Validate your website and build trust with your customers.

SSL certificates.

An SSL certificate provides authentication that your site is the genuine article and gives site visitors confidence that information submitted is sent in a secure encrypted manner, safe from prying eyes. SSL certificates provide trust, security and PCI compliance. Oh, and did we mention that Google likes them. We provide a full installation and SSL management service.

Disaster recovery.

We don’t make a drama out of a crisis.

Technology fails from time to time, it comes with the territory. In the worst case scenario, we can have your website back up and running in the minimum of time.

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