Covid-19 has been a trauma for everyone. No doubt.

We could forgive ourselves for giving up, hiding our light under a bushel, or sticking our heads in the sand.

But we don’t recommend this approach…

Now is the time for Fierce!

Fierce is not letting all of this get you down – stand proud, be bold, have a plan. Fierce is communicating with your existing customers to tell them you’re still here and that you can help them. Fierce is reviewing your marketing plan based on new circumstances. Fierce is getting your brand and marketing in shape for what’s to come and shouting from the rooftops about how good you are.

“With social distancing and home working likely to be around for some time, digital media has become more important than ever before”.

Let reddishpink take the strain…

We’ve already helped some of our clients adapt to the ‘new’ normal with rather impressive results. We created a new website for a newly launched Anti-microbial product company, Lochallen Solutions. We developed a completely new online planning consultation solution that allows commercial property consultations to continue whilst social distancing remains in place. We’ve adapted client websites into online shops (massively reducing the impact of COVID-19 on their income).

Our video, branding and website campaign for Lochallen Solutions.

A new digital planning consultation solution.

An eCommerce solution for Castleton Farm shop.

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