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One of the challenges that came from COVID-19 social distancing measures is related to commercial property applications.

Under normal circumstances, commercial property developers would hold a ‘Consultation event’ so that the public and wider stakeholders can be fully briefed on a development proposal and ask questions, submit feedback. Property consultation events help planning authorities make their decision and ensure proper consultation activities have taken place. But with social distancing in place, you may have been asking yourself…

  • How can I hold a public planning consultation and get the feedback we need with social distancing in place?
  • What other options are there for commercial property planning consultations?

Problem Solved. A new solution for property consultations

Some of our clients’ experienced this very situation, and we were on-hand to find a solution that worked.

Castleton Fruit Farm was required to hold a planning consultation event for its proposed PolyTunnel development in Aberdeenshire. To mitigate the effects of social distancing, we worked with Castleton and their PR team at Liberty One comms, to create an online planning consultation event. Our solution meant a proper public consultation took place, and that they had all of the relevant feedback and commentary required, on record.

Reddishpink built a new section into their website, which detailed their plans on glorious technicolour through a wide range of rich media – words, photography, CGI images, and a video.

To ensure we had all of the feedback needed for the commercial property planning application, we utilised forms and held a live-chat event online for public consultation. 

Everything was recorded digitally as evidence for the local authority, and the online property consultation event was a big success.

But it didn’t stop there. 

At reddishpink, we think innovation is a good thing and with Social distancing likely to remain in place for a while, and the possibility that lockdown may return on a local or national level, we decided to create a solution to help other commercial property planners too.

The reddishpink digital online property consultation allows property planners to hold consultation events online, anytime. We have a framework in place that allows full customisation and rapid deployment for a wide range of consultation types.

Our solution is ready to go. It has been thoroughly tested and can be deployed very quickly. Send us the information and content for your event (or hire us to make this for you), and we’ll take it from there. We can create new consultations very quickly.

Six reasons to choose Reddishpink’s virtual planning-consultation solution.

1. Showcase your commercial property development at its very best. Present your proposed development at its very best through a digital platform that’s ‘open’ 24/7. Our framework allows a wide range of multimedia such as video, animation, CGI’s, virtual tours and virtual consultation rooms. We can work with media you supply, or we can create media for you.

2. Save valuable development budget. Our property consultation portal allows you to hold a full property consultation event online. That means significant savings on venue hire, exhibition stands, travel and staff costs, to name a few. And, because we have a pre-built solution, you’ll also save on digital development costs.

3.It’s attractive and flexible. Every commercial property development is different, but each needs to look its very best online. Choose from our single page solution with digital demos or a full website with multiple pages and options. We’ll customise your portal to match your brand and ensure everything looks professional and polished. 

4. Everything is recorded. Get the feedback you need through a range of interactive tools like question forms, official feedback forms, and live-chat events – all recorded electronically

5. Fully hosting included. We host your property consultation website for as long as you need on reddishpink’s blazingly fast servers.

6. Full support. We’re here if you need us to help you make changes or provide support during the live online planning consultations.

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Do you need an online planning consultation event or a solution to market your property development – we can help.

Let reddishpink help you with:

  • eCommerce – trade online
  • Communications – Staff and customer newsletters and magazines.
  • Digital marketing – web design, SEO, social media marketing and advertising.
  • Design – make your business look the best it can be.
  • Conducting public property consultations using our new digital virtual planning consultation solution
  • Everything you ever wanted in marketing delivered creatively, quickly and with a hefty dash of Reddishpink.

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